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For questions about the ordering process: create a call in TOPdesk.

For questions about the range, to request a custom quote or to place an urgent order: Please contact the relevant catering supplier. (see Suppliers)

For the Q&A and additional information: go to the employee portal and search for "catering banqueting".


Welcome to the catering order portal of TU Delft!

Via this portal you can place a catering order with one of our catering suppliers.
Click on the button of one of the suppliers above to select products from their range.

Also view the manual for an explanation of how to use the order portal.


If you have a special event and would like to order customization or request a quote, please contact the relevant catering supplier by e-mail.

Look for the contact details of the catering suppliers under contact.

For the final quotation, you then create a purchase order in Basware Alusta.


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